Quote of the day: A Big Fat Lie - Time Heals All Wounds.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Losing a friend is harder than what people think
I lost my one and only friend

My Friend

Is the decision to end the friendship
comes from heart or from mind?

How do I walk away from someone,
who is my only friend.
I wish I could start over again.

We have shared so much together,
tears...fun times and laughter.
The times we've chatted...
and the times you've blocked me.

I don't want to let you go,
but I know I must.
My heart says stays...
but its my mind I trust.

I know you are hurt,
but Am sure one day you will be happy.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Miss you

Missed you everyday

when I was in the mood
for quiet conversation...
when it was Friday
for little Friday night fights
when I found myself
with some free time
when I had something
wanted to share

Missed you more each time,
I thought of you
And I have been thinking,
about you all day!

Missing you

Sitting at home lonely again
Thousand miles away in pain

Every morning I woke up
You are on my mind
Waiting for the day
When I will see your face again

Remembring our times
The good and the bad
The funny and the sad

Wondering, what happened to me?
I was never that weak
God only knows what you are to me

Remembering your little things
The laptop and the tea
The iPhone application and me

Wondering, when we'll be together again?
I can't make a month without seeing you.
You are my world, You are my smile

Thinking of you so often
Missing you so much
Just wondering if you think
of me and miss me too.